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Fast Food for Atkins Diet Menues

The hallmark of traditional diet plans is that they call for you to immediately stop eating many favorite foods; and that of course includes taking fast foods off the menu.

Fast food has a reputation for being loaded with fat, sugar, salt, and a lot of carbohydrates. Nonetheless, many fast food restaurants are responding to consumer demands to provide healthier foods. Although you should not allow fast food to be a major part of your diet there are times when it is convenient to eat out at a fast food restaurant; or maybe you just are not ready to give it up.

Here are some tips to help you incorporate fast food into your Atkins diet plan. You just may find you can continue eating this way even if you don't follow any diet.

Reduce Carbohydrates

The three most common sources of carbohydrates in fast food are bread, potatoes, and ketchup. You may be thinking, "Wait, if I can't eat bread or potatoes, what is left?"

In fact, many Atkins dieters learn quickly to change their fast food menus to salads combined with proteins (chicken and beef). You can get a hamburger at many fast food restaurants and simply set the bun aside.

If you order a side salad instead of fries you can usually eat it with Ranch dressing (although many fast food restaurants use soy-based rather than buttermilk-based Ranch dressing).

Two (but somewhat expensive) alternatives to french fries are "chicken fries" (small strips of chicken) and "cheese sticks" (fried mozzarella sticks). If your local fast food doesn't offer these options you might consider eating a grilled chicken salad with a plain hamburger. Just eliminate the bread and eat the beef patty as your "side" item for a little variation in flavor.

If you eat breakfast burritos try shedding some of the tortilla wrapping. Also, don't order the refried beans. Just get egg, ham, bacon, and sausage ingredients.

Reduce High Fructose Corn Syrup

You may be disappointed to find that many fast food restaurants use corn syrup as an ingredient in their breakfast syrups, ketchups, and other sweetened products. If you're going to eat a fast food breakfast you should just order eggs, sausage, and bacon. If you combine these with a basic salad (if they are available) you can make a pretty nice breakfast salad.

Biscuits and gravy are off the menu in most diet plans but if you're giving yourself once-a-month splurge days then consider eating biscuits and gravy rather than pancakes and syrup. Low-calorie or suger-free syrups, if available, are acceptable substitutes.

Other Restaurant Options to Consider

Beyond the typical burger joint many restaurants offer a lot of similar foods. Here are preferable choices whether you are eating the Atkins Diet Plan or some other diet plan.

  • Get your burgers and sandwiches done "protein-style", wrapped in lettuce rather than bread.
  • Combine your dinner salads with protein-style sandwiches.
  • If you must have potatoes, choose baked or broiled small red potatoes.
  • Eat green beans instead of french fries.
  • Eat cheese and broccoli instead of mashed potatoes or a baked potato
  • Eat waffles instead of pancakes or crepes.
  • Ask for sugar-free syrup.
  • Ask for fruit compote/toppings instead of syrup.
  • Eat an omelete instead of pancakes or waffles.
  • Eat an omelete instead of hash browns.
  • Ask for protein-rich cereals if you eat a bowl of cereal (these are new and may not yet be available in all restaurants). Special K has a popular protein-rich cereal.
  • Eat grilled chicken instead of fried chicken.
  • Eat broiled or baked or grilled fish instead of fried fish.
  • Eat bison/buffalo instead of beef (ask for it to be cooked "medium").
  • Eat focaccia bread (if available) instead of french fries.
  • Get a morning bowl of fresh fruit instead of hash browns or grits.

An example of an Atkins-friendly breakfast might be a cheese omelete with a side of bacon and a side of ham. Another good choice is a steak and eggs special.

An example of an Atkins-friendly lunch might be a protein-style burger with a side salad and/or green beans. Another good choice is a grilled chicken breast on top of almost any kind of salad without croutons.

An example of a great Atkins-friendly dinner might be a flat-iron steak with a side salad and fresh green beans. Another good choice is any grilled or baked fish. But you can also eat grilled chicken, chopped steak or hamburger steak, etc. Some people substitute scallops for potatoes.

You can often enhance the flavor of a meal with a rich cheese, a mix of cheeses, a garlic-butter sauce, or cheese-and-garlic.

Take Fiber With Your Food

There are many fiber supplements on the market. You can consult with your local pharmacist about which ones may be easier on your body than others. Some people do well with Metamuciltm and similar products; other people do well with Citruceltm and similar products. Never take more fiber supllements in a day than is recommended.

If you have a choice between dark green leafy foods (even lettuce) and light green leafy foods, develop a taste for the dark green leafy foods.

Consider eating more celery. You can dip it in cheese sauces, ranch dressing, and/or peanut butter.


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